About the Store

Niigata Okome

Niigata abounds in a variety of foods that can proudly take their place on the tables of the world.   This exceptional richness derives from snow-fed rivers and sea, woods and fields vivid with the colors of the changing seasons, and a culinary culture preserved by climate and topography.  Niigata Okome brings you a tale of history and nature lovingly told by culinary artists and craftspeople.  Here you can experience the charm of a region full of tempting things to eat and drink.  Our store is the doorway to a journey into the heart and mind as well as the taste of Niigata.

Niigata Okome

Niigata Okome

Niigata Okome

“Niigata Okome,” the name of our store derived from a Japanese play on words, essentially means “with love and skill from Niigata, the home of rice.”   The store’s symbol is the Japanese letter “o” for “okome” with the silhouette of a grain of rice in the middle.   We hope you’ll enjoy the spirit of Niigata at our store.


Whity Umeda East Mall, Ogimachi
4-1 Umeda Underground Shopping Mall, Komatsubaracho, Kita Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture 530-0018


Store 10:00 – 21:00
Drinks Bar 11:00 – 21:00
Last order 20:30

[Friday, Saturday, Day preceding public holiday]
Food and Drinks 20:30
Closing Day – closed when Whity Umeda is closed



Our business expenses are partly covered by the profits from Niigata Prefecture’s electricity services.